CinTechTalk™ is an information hub for digital technicians. Its function is to provide the most comprehensive 'one-stop-shop' experience for site managers, project managers, site contractors, and most importantly technicians.

CinTechTalk™ features a network of experienced digital professionals offering support to its members who are troubleshooting technical problems in the field. CinTechTalk™ provides each technician with instant support through a network of others within the industry.

D-Cinema In addition to providing technicians with a chat-forum/IM network, CinTechTalk™ contains several other features including the ability to view parts, equipment documentation specifications and common error codes. Members also have access to related links, industry news, and career development opportunities.

CinTech® partners will have the ability to advertise within the site which will give our members access to their services and products as well.

CinTechTalk™ members have access to the most comprehesive source of technical information, support, and product documentation. CinTechTalk™ provides them with the vital tools necessary to be successful technicians within the digital industry.

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