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CinTech® Network Operations Center

The CinTech® Network Operations Center (RealNOC™) is located in Rockwall, TX.

Powered by RealTimePT® the completely customizable RealNOC™ display is the most inovative progress tracking and digital equipment control in the industry.

Each customer receiving services from CinTech®, CinTech® partners and all CinTech® Certified Digital Service Technicians will have access to their own personalized RealNOC™ view from RealTimePT®.

Once registered with RealTimePT® through CinTech®, your personalized RealNOC™ view will display all CinTech®, CinTechTalk™ and RealTimePT® Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) related to your service package.

Your personalized view will give you full access to your digital support team's planning, progress and status in real time tied directly into the RealTimePT® e-mail update notification system.

You will be able to display your RealTimePT® GUI on any display size with web access including a company specific RealNOC™ view that can be displayed in your NOC.